Duncan Clark Menzies

Gumby’s Journey Blog was started summer 2016 when a dear friend gave me a Gumby figurine. It was a symbol to take life not so serious, follow the flow of life, and be flexibility. Join me through the blog through the journeying through modeling, singing, acting, and the arts.


We must decenter ourselves because there are cultural worlds unchartered, peoples unexplored, selves we do not know, and art unexamined. There is a part deep within which cries out to open yourself and look and truly see and be seen. be seen in the self examination and be seen in the listening to the other.


I wanted to go on vacation to reset, to disturb my routine, to remind myself of the multiplicities of possibility, to disconnect, to disassociate from what I know. To stop, to pause, cease from the grind, be away from my phone. I got all the benefits of everything listed above but not in the way that I expected it, and it happened in 1/4 of the time. What’s the secret?

I often notice my dampened curiosity by my relative familiarly. How can place play a role in making us more open and cultivate curiosity.

We find ourselves at a threshold between one year and the next or one season to the next. With the approaching spring its a time of renewal, new life, growth, and turning our attention from the inward winter months to the outward connection around us. We see our society changing, our political climate changing, our… Continue Reading →

Election 2020

I’ve been advised that I have a sacred democratic privilege’s to vote; to choose one or the other ; either you are left or you are right, either you are Christian or not, either you are an ally or you are homophobic, either you are educated or ignorant. The current state of affairs says you fit in either one box or the other.


I am blind to the future. I am blind to what it hold. I am blind. My next steps are shaky, my mind fluctuating with anxiety and hopeless joyful abandon. One moment fully present, the next wrestling with the great unknown. The only console is find a way to create; to have some control or… Continue Reading →

An Extraordinary Human: Michael Louden

We met in at a coffee shop after a callback in Seattle.  He asked about the coffee I was having and conversations progressed about theater. And then, in our first interaction he asked if my last name was Menzies.  And I thought, “this random person in this coffee shop knows me, how in the world… Continue Reading →

While I was in Busy Making Plans

It was an acoustic night at Roxy’s on the Slabs. In the front part of their camp rests a hearth of sorts with a rock border around it and two large fires which 3 permanent installments of couches residing next to it, the rest of the seating is an assortment of chairs either Roxy’s or… Continue Reading →

Grow Up

These hurdles and greater and greater leaps become of the utmost importance! They keep me young again, they keep me growing, and they stop me from “growing up.”

Reinventing My Perception

How should one walk? What is the appropriate period of time to make eye contact with someone on the streets of Seattle? What body posture lets people know that I know what I am doing? What vocal qualities come off as confident? What are mannerism which are prescribed to be masculine? What clothing suggests that… Continue Reading →

An Ode to Younger Self

The shy, awkward, nice, and contemplative Duncan of youth is so valuable. It is those things that build the best parts of myself and discrediting them as invaluable is to deny my nature and it is those things which make up what I want to do in performance.

Th Journey of the Gypsy

The value of the smallest things seem to be thought of with the most appreciation when I have little. The idea that what I have worked for or produced is that much more valuable if it was created out of very little or through strife or some degree of suffering.  In La Boheme the first scene is a starving poet burning some of his writings in order for warmth, how much more would he preciously appreciate those moments of warmth because of his sacrifice. 

Elevate Yourself

The space above spans six stories high to a ceiling skylight offering a flood of light on the interior of the WeWork space, where one of my friends go to get his work done. WeWork Motto: DO WHAT YOU LOVE An intention space for people to commune for industry and art and where personalities collide…. Continue Reading →

Explore and Create

I found a necklace at a thrift store on Capitol Hill with the words explore and create on two dog tags and decide that would be my driving intention going on a Southern California trip. The exploring was being open to a new experience despite my fears about opening up to strangers or being around… Continue Reading →

Leveling up

Knocking over speakers during entrances. pants falling down at the most perfect timing, wobbly harpsichord legs, 15 passenger van being towed out of grass by an opera singing elementary school choir director with her friend Jorge, Maniacal laughing, Craving Mexican always, Innumerable smiling faces And personal growth -Some highlight of 2019 NOISE tour There are… Continue Reading →

Palm Springs

Probably the gayest place on earth.  The kind of place were you walk into a thrift store and the mens section is 3 times larger then the women’s section. The kind of place where Mariah Carey and Cher are played in restaurants. The kind of place where Listerine is in the gym bathrooms. Also its… Continue Reading →

The Death of Ideal

2018 you are dead and with it so much, you changed me and I hope it was for the better. You started with the greatest therapy theater could allowance. “Falsettos” I learned that exposing yourself and your flaws and vulnerabilities is a leap of faith full of fear and contemplation but on the other side… Continue Reading →

The Art of Saying Goodbye

“The world is going to do its best to take the breath out of you. Don’t let it. And don’t forget us back here. You’ll always have a home. Now go! And don’t hug each other so much, it’s unbecoming. No tears! Learn how to leave people. If you’re lucky you’ll be doing it over… Continue Reading →


Opportunities to re wire past hurts, stereotypes, or ideologies don’t show up all the time, but when they do I pounce on them like a Red Panda playing in the snow. Student Prince with Icicle Creek Center for the Performing Arts is one such experience, because of the people that I got to collaborate with.

My Feet

So I put on my shoes of peace with really good arch support because I have an Achilles heel that need some tending to and sensitive skin that needs attention. 

I don’t Know

I don’t know. I am in a season of “I don’t know.” I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t know what direction I should focus on. I don’t know why my passion is dulled. I don’t know why my surroundings have become familiar.  I don’t know what my next job will be. I… Continue Reading →


I find myself running through the city during pride week in downtown Seattle flooded with emotions that are intensified by running to the ferry terminal to catch the 10:55PM ferry after a musical comedy of Lewis and Clark, “Journey West.” All that I can say is I label this experience under what I call “experiences”… Continue Reading →

Amusement in Seattle

In a city such as Seattle one is inundated with a plethora of wonderful enchantments and muses and sometimes they come so swiftly and greatly we cant appreciate it.  We haven’t set intention with it, done it, and climbed the mountain to the muse were we learn and grow.  Instead there is a ski lift to the temple and if you pay enough or you are pretty enough you can say you encountered it and it can now be something you throw around at cocktail parties.

Appreciating Color: Lessons in Diversity

Me and my director talked about our proud heritage while trekking back from Seattle to Bainbridge Island on the Ferry; hers being Ukrainian and mine being Scottish.  We talked about the contentedness we felt to our ancestors, what lives they lead, what trades they were known for, and our common global ancestral beliefs.  It brought… Continue Reading →

The gift of smiles and eye contact

Remember: Life is short, break the rules (they were made to be broken) Forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.  The clouds are lined with silver and the glass is half full (though the answers won’t be found at the bottom).  Don’t sweat the small stuff…. Continue Reading →


Dying to self, past ideals, ways of thinking or perceiving the world around me is a constant goal of mine.  To look at the world in a certain way and then see how it is similar or different to others.  What a blessed journey to constantly die to oneself, in order to grow and find the nuances of seeing the complex world around us.

Treking to Seattle

“Don’t you think they are the same thing. Love and Attention.” Reasons why Seattle inspires intentional attention


Actor Lifestyle: Learning about love and family through theater in Coeur d’Alene Idaho #morethanjustpretty

Boxers vs. Briefs

Model experiences: Talking about underwear and being an open and vulnerable individual.

An Ode to Debussy, University, and Strasbourg

A chapter closes and another begins.  A high school friend’s words ring in my ear “Death leads to new life” (Nic Schifferdecker); the old passes away and the new enters.  With giving my final lecture recital on Debussy at University of Idaho.  It is the passing away of the performance but also the leaving of… Continue Reading →

It is beginning to look alot like Christmas

This Blog is about performance art and Christmas in Strasbourg   The Implosion  One can suffer a lifetime of damnation with pleasantries. ~reflections on indecisiveness Robust, strong Gaelic rock music loudly consumed my ears, but controversially I pondered sin and the burden of separation from our creator. The dichotomy music that stirs one’s spirits and… Continue Reading →

M&M:Modernity and Meaning

  Thoughts on Modernity: Charles Baudelaire is considered the father of Modernity, defined as “the fleeting, ephemeral experience of life in an urban metropolis, and the responsibility art has to capture that experience.” Baudelaire’s rejection of the romantic ideal of glorified nature moves to focus on the urban metropolis of Paris and its people for… Continue Reading →

Where is your Treasure?

*This specific blog is a reflections on travels to Scotland and Amsterdam *I use these scripture verses because in them I see much of myself and because my travels have enlightened their truths and accuracy of my life at this moment. For where your treasure there your heart will be also. The eye is the… Continue Reading →


  There is nothing like a cascade      to calm a man’s passions like scottish mountains      to tame his wondering thoughts like passing clouds      to fill his desire like vibrant green fields     to hold his focus like old trees      to connect and root him like large boulders… Continue Reading →

Gumby goes to Selstat

Firstly, I apologize for my delayed post! two weeks ago I took a day trip Selstat, because my host had advised me of a beautiful castle (Haut-Kronesingbourg Castle and a monkey sanctuary called the Mountain of monkies) there. However, when I went to the bus station they said that there were no direct buslines, only… Continue Reading →


Gumby Goes to Colmar: I wanted to go with some friends from my class, however no one was available, so I went by myself. However, going by ones self should not keep them from pursuing their wanderlust. (1st point of neuroplasticité ) Why? Because life is meant for living (period) and a much more clichés like “Life… Continue Reading →

Le sens commun nést pas si commun

Music Music Music: Warning this week’s blog is a lot of music. The Musica Festival was established in 1982 to celebrate and present to “the curious audience” contemporary classical music by established and up-and-coming composers. The music explores themes that, until now, I did not know could be expressed musically. The overarching themes of loss… Continue Reading →

Je connais la musique

I found a small campus choir, maybe 30 strong, who were practicing a cappella pieces of Poulenc and Boris Vian jazz pieces. I found an advertisement for the choir the same day as rehearsal, emailed the director, and just showed up. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. The warm ups were more nuanced than I was… Continue Reading →

avoir le coeur sur les lèvres

It is covered in locks. Locks between the iron cross-hatched bridge. I want some keys so that I might open these padlock hearts on the place used to cross an obstacle (in this case water). I wanted to discover these locks intimately and inspect their background, their lives which I will never know, their social… Continue Reading →

Bonne renommée vaut mieux que ceinture doée

Today’s idiom means “a good name is better than wealth” or literally, “a good name is worth more than a golden girdle.” Last week at a house party with some locals, our discussion lead to the question “what do we value in life?” This arose from a personal fascination between value placement and the feminine/masculine… Continue Reading →

Entre le marteau et L’enclume

A friend, Jordan Rawling, from Moscow is letting me borrow two books to help me with my study abroad, they are explaining french idioms, for which there are much! We met at a coffee shop before I left and stumbled our way through French. The title means literally “between the hammer and the anvil,” it… Continue Reading →


It has only been three days and so much has happened. Arriving in Strasbourg, I had extreme jet leg (nine hours time difference) and only three hours of sleep on the plane. I arrived at 7:30AM on tuesday morning. I got my bags and went to the Deutsche Bahn to buy my train ticket and… Continue Reading →

Gumby Goes to Harvard

Reflections on Place: Spending four days with my very good friend, Gustave lester, was a refreshing, artful, and informative experience. With the historic air of buildings and architecture from as old as the 1600s, was a thirst for knowledge; a craving to know more and question more. When I ponder the atmosphere of what a… Continue Reading →


Cindy SHE HAD BAGAGGE   I was waiting in line at a homeless outreach event underneath the Burnside Bridge in downtown Portland. It is a weekly event where hundreds of homeless guests come to have a great meal, haircuts, clothing, and manicures.  The hustle and bustle of a restless city; productivity and consumerism layer the… Continue Reading →

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